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Honesty & Transparency

You deserve 100% transparency.
It’s what I believe in, and it’s what I stand for.
I also believe that actions speak louder than words. 


Just Days Before Early Voting?

This week's story on Fox 8 was “Fake News”.


Why would Fox 8 and Lee Zurik do this?
FACT: Pat Connick’s campaign is being run by Greg Buisson, who not long ago, used to run Fox 8. Buission has a long history of backroom deals and pulling the strings in Jefferson Parish politics.

I provided Lee Zurik with everything - text messages, emails, city documents, personal documents - and he “cherry-picked” what he wanted to impact this election just days before early voting started. I also offered to do an interview with him - not once, but THREE times. I challenged him to “interview all of us - everyone involved - get all the facts out” but he wasn’t interested in that. I also asked for a full-access interview or a live interview. Did you see interviews with anyone from the Town? Did you see an interview with our FEMA Consultant, a GHOSEP official, or anyone who was actually involved? No, because this was a political hit-piece, not real journalism.



The / Times-Picayune released a totally different story - because they took the time to look at all the facts. Read the NOLA.COM story by clicking here. 

Five really important things you should know: 

1. $1 per year is what the town is paying to rent the building I sold.

2. Neither FEMA nor the City have paid a single penny towards fixing the building. Nothing.

3. I proactively disclosed my interest in the building to EVERYONE… FEMA, GHOSEP, the Town Council, and even the Board of Ethics. 

4. As Mayor, I have always followed a competitive bid process where the lowest, available, credible bidder was awarded taxpayer-funded work. Period. I followed this process even during Hurricane emergencies when it was not required.

5. The building discussed was bought months BEFORE Hurricane IDA hit, and I was an equal investor in it. I have never had any ownership - and have never profited from -  any company or person doing business with the town.

Because I trust you to decide for yourself - Below is a link to a document with all the information I gave to Lee Zurik and The Times-Picayune. 

This detailed document is the timeline of key events starting with my investment in 5105 Fisherman Boulevard in Lafitte, “The Building,” the impact of Hurricane Ida, and beyond.

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