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Join Tim in Building a Better Future for District 8

“I believe in the future of the Westbank, but right now we are not winning. The time has come that we stop settling for last.”

Take Part in Something Great

Meet Tim Kerner, Jr.


My name is Tim Kerner, Jr. and I am running to be District 8's State Senator.

I am a former prosecutor and have served as Mayor of Jean Lafitte the last 4 years, overcoming obstacles from Hurricanes Ida, Zeta, and Laura. I served the people I represented with the heart, tenacity, and determination they deserve. The same attributes I believe you and your family deserve. I am a conservative with an amazing wife and daughter.

I got into this race for the same reason I'm asking for your support now: because the job just isn't getting done for our families. Bad state deals leading to outrageous tolls enriching contractors, outrageous insurance prices, bad drinking water in South Plaquemines, and a dying commercial fishing industry has sent our once great District down a perilous course.

I promise to fight the fights that are unpopular to the special interest groups, the fights that matter most to you and your families. I love this district and believe we have too much potential for life to be this hard here.

The current Senator has had 16 years in Baton Rouge to get this right and we've only regressed. Most don't know what he looks like. I promise you if I win this election you will have a Senator that you know, a Senator you are proud of.

I'm asking for an opportunity to try to change the trajectory of our District. I promise I won't let you and your families down. I will get you the results that you and your families deserve.


Timothy P. Kerner Jr.

Meet Tim

Formal Preparation to Lead:



• Graduate, Fisher High School (2009)

• Graduate, University of Louisiana at Lafayette (2014)

• Juris Doctorate, Southern University Law Center (2018)

• Graduate, Institute of Politics, Loyola University New Orleans (2020)

Professional History

• Flood Prevention Head of Operations, Town of Jean Lafitte (2004 - present)

• Division Leader, Disaster Recovery Oil Spill (2010)

• Intern, Senator David Vitter's Office (2013)

• Staff, Jefferson Parish Councilman Ricky Templet (2014 - 2015)

• Staff, Jefferson Parish President John F. Young's Office (2015 - 2016)

• Law Clerk, Louisiana Supreme Court, Justice John L. Weimer (2017)

• Law Clerk, 21st JDC, Honorary Judge Jeff Johnson (2017)

• Consultant, The Law Offices of Timothy Kerner Jr. LILC (2019 - present)

• Assistant District Attorney, Jefferson Parish

   District Attorney's Office (2019 - 2020)

• Elected Mayor, Town of Jean Lafitte,

   returned to office with a historic 95% victory in 2020.

Community Involvement

• Co-founder, Treasure Lafitte

• Chairman, The Jean Lafitte World Championship Pirogue Races

• Volunteer, Louisiana Iris Society

• Member, Chamber of Commerce

• Member, Knights of Columbus

• Member, Rosethorne Carnival Club

• Organizer, Wills for Heroes

Our Goals

Simple Goals We Can All Get Behind

• Make the Westbank an area that attracts  families, not one that forces them to seek opportunity elsewhere.

• Revitalization

• Create private/public co-ops that reduce the risk of investment and brings quality of life, businesses, and jobs.

• Transform blighted into progress.

• Reduce insurance rates. Have a plan in place when Louisiana gets hit with natural disasters.

• Make the residents of District 8 feel heard and   served again.

• Highlight our strengths, our culture, and our uniqueness to bring pride back into the Westbanks.

•  Save our Coast, every dollar towards our coast is an investment.

• Be a champion for our children’s safety.

•  Cut red tape that discourages families from starting small businesses.


Make Your Vote Count! Election Day is October 14th

Early Voting Starts September 30th through October 7th


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